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About The Behind The Stick Podcast

The Behind The Stick Podcast was created by Carlos Garcia, Manager of Brooklyn’s on Boulder Street in Colorado Springs, CO, as a way to gain knowledge and insight into all aspects of the hospitality industry. When he started in the industry and began working his way up the ranks, Carlos found himself craving knowledge from others who had traveled a similar path. He began reaching out to other industry professionals for advice and eventually began recording the conversations–The Behind the Stick Podcast was born. Carlos interviews bartenders, servers, managers, sales representatives, brand ambassadors, and anyone else who has valuable knowledge and experience to share. The podcast is intended for beginners in the industry and seasoned veterans alike.

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia


Latest Episodes

Shannon Tebay Sidle – 006

Shannon is a phenomenal bartender in New York City. When I spoke with Shannon she was working at Death and Company New York. I had the opportunity to talk with her about some controversial issues within the industry over Skype.

Annie Montgomery – 005

Annie is an extremely amazing bartender in Denver Colorado. When I spoke with Annie she was working at Zeplin station in Denver. She originally comes from Arizona but has made a name for herself within the Denver bartending community.

Jack Bethel – 004

Jack is the portfolio manager for Fernet Branca in the state of Colorado. He continues helping many industry professionals with their beverage programs as well as being an active member in the Denver bartending community.

Matthew McCullough – 003

Matt has worked in many different positions in the industry. At the time of our conversation Matt was the on-premise Sales Representative at Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits in Arizona. Matt was a huge contributor to helping the Arizona bartenders guild get started and helped to push the industry where it is today.

Chelsea Little – 002

Chelsea Little is a renowned bartender in Denver, Colorado. Chelsea was bartending at Señor Bear when I spoke with her. She has continued to make an impact on the Denver cocktail scene with her creativity and positive attitude.